Independent (2009), PC
Programming (Gamestudio A7), Game Design

Developed this project with a schoolmate as a graduating project. The idea was to create a cooperative game where each player will use a different control peripheral to interact with the game. The role of each player will be different, but complimentary:

  • Gamepad player controls the movement of the avatar and the camera.
  • Mouse player shoots enemies and protects the avatar.
  • Keyboard player forms words from floating letters to manipulate the environment.

My responsibilities within our partnership include programing the game using the Lite-C language in Gamestudio A7 (software provided by the Computer Engineering School), level design, systems design and enemy behaviors.

View the development paper at the NTU Repository (NTU login required). Alternatively, the paper can be downloaded in 2 parts: here and here. The full game (Windows only) can be downloaded here, but you’ll require 3 players and a gamepad, in addition to the usual keyboard and mouse combo.