Glyphica: Typing Survival

Independent (2024), PC/Linux
Sole Developer (C & Javascript)

Stellaris: Galactic Paragons

Paradox Interactive (2023), PC/Mac/Linux
Lead Game Design

Stellaris: Overlord

Paradox Interactive (2022), PC/Mac/Linux/Console
Co-Lead Game Design


Abandoned (2018), PC/Mac
Programming (Java), Game and Level Design

Pocket Ages

505 games (2015), iOS/Android
Senior Technical and Game Design

Pillage People

Boomzap Entertainment (2014), iOS/Android
Producing, Lead Technical and Game Design

Awakening: The Sunhook Spire

Big Fish Games (2013), PC/Mac/iOS/Android
Technical Design

Awakening: The Goblin Kingdom

Big Fish Games (2011), PC/Mac/iOS/Android
Narrative, Puzzle and Technical Design

Death at Fairing Point

Big Fish Games (2010), PC/Mac/iOS/Android
Puzzle and Technical Design

Pirates Plundarrr

Majesco Entertainment (2010), Nintendo Wii
Lead Level Design, Weapon Design

Awakening: Moonfell Wood

Big Fish Games (2010), PC/Mac/iOS/Android

Restricted Recall

Independent (2010), PC
Sole Developer (GameMaker 7)


Independent (2009), PC
Programming (Gamestudio A7), Game Design


Independent (2009), PC
Sole Developer (GameMaker 7)

Passport to Paradise

iWin (2009), PC
Additional Design, Testing


Majesco Entertainment (2009), PC
Additional Design, Testing

Frogs In Love

Boomzap Entertainment (2008), PC/Mac
Technical and Lead Game Design

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles

Encore (2008). PC/Mac
Technical and Level Design, Testing

Jewels of Cleopatra 2

Encore (2008), PC/Mac

Pangaea (Prototype)

Independent (2008), PC
Programming (GameMaker 7), Game Design


Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Labs (2007), PC/Mac
Lead Game Design